News / First IntercityHotel In Switzerland Opens In Rumlang, Zurich

First IntercityHotel In Switzerland Opens In Rumlang, Zurich

🕔 December 2, 2021
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Deutsche Hospitality has announced IntercityHotel’s debut in Switzerland on 1 December 2021. The new hotel is located in the municipality of Rümlang, easily accessible to Zurich International Airport by a 10-minute car drive and 15-minute from the city centre. The project developer is Necron AG.

Marcus Bernhardt, Deutsche Hospitality’s CEO, said:

“Switzerland boasts many top locations, and these are of considerable interest to IntercityHotel. This first hotel in Zurich has allowed us to create a home for travellers in a city which is one of Europe’s most important economic hubs as well as being a key cultural metropolis.”

The new hotel features 260 rooms for guests. Facilities include a restaurant, a bar, gym, spa areas and 150 parking spaces. Conferencing facilities of around 450 square metres are offered as well. The Italian architect Matteo Tun was responsible for interior design.

The second IntercityHotel in the country, the IntercityHotel Geneva Airport, has been announced to open in 2023.

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