News / Room2 plans to open a new hotel in Chiswick, UK by December 2021

Room2 plans to open a new hotel in Chiswick, UK by December 2021

🕔 October 14, 2021
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Room2, the hometel brand, has announced that the new hotel in Chiswick, UK will be opened in December 2021. Located in central London, the property will be the world's first whole life net-zero carbon hotel. All carbon emissions from conception through to end-of-life have been reduced and rebalanced to zero, making room2 Chiswick 89% more efficient than the average hotel.

The hotel features 86 rooms, equipped with a kitchenette, working desk and sofa. The pet-friendly hotel also has access to the cafe and restaurant. The company has established and is committed to several net zero initiatives, some of which are the following: 

  • Whole life- to only build and operate whole life net zero hometels, meaning that all carbon emissions from conception to the building’s end-of-life all equal to zero. 
  • Pump it- to heat and cool building the company uses heat pumps, which 200 m long loops extract heat energy from the earth and draw it to the heating and water systems.
  • Powered by the sun- the roof is equipped with solar panels, which meet approximately 5% of the annual energy demand. In addition, all the electricity demand is met with 100% renewable energy from solar, wind and hydro. 
  • Smart lighting- the lighting and heating systems detect movement in the room. 



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