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G20 Tourism to save 100 million jobs

🕔 October 9, 2020
WTTC research reveals Travel & Tourism sectors contribution to UK GDP slumped a shocking GBP148 billion in 2020

In a historic first, G20 Tourism Ministers hosted more than 45 CEOs and Members of WTTC, who presented their plan to save the embattled Travel & Tourism sector and 100m jobs globally.

During their G20 Chairmanship of the Tourism Track, Saudi Arabia requested the collaboration of the global travel and tourism sector on developing insights to help accelerate the global recovery. As a result, the WTTC presented a plan which aims to restart international Travel & Tourism and recover 100 million jobs globally.

WTTC Members, other private sector leaders and international organizations have identified the following private sector actions:

  1. Implement standardized global health and safety protocols across all industries and geographies to facilitate a consistent and safe travel experience.
  2. Cooperate with governments in their efforts on COVID-19 testing before departure and contact tracing tools within an international testing protocol and framework.
  3. Develop and adopt innovative and digital technologies that enable seamless travel, better manage visitor flows, and improve traveler experience while making it safer.
  4. Offer flexibility for bookings or changes such as waiving fees due to COVID-19 positive cases.
  5. Offer promotions, more affordable products or greater value to incentivize domestic and international travel, taking into considerations national and international health guidelines.
  6. Cooperate with governments in the promotion of destinations that are open for business and document testimonials to rebuild traveler confidence.
  7. Adapt business models to the new global situation and collectively work to develop new products and solutions to boost domestic and international tourism.
  8. Reinforce the provision and purchase of travel insurance that includes COVID-19 cover.
  9. Provide consistent and coordinated communication to travelers, offering information to have better risk assessment, awareness and management, facilitate their journeys and enhance their experience.
  10. Develop capacity building and training programs to upskill and retrain tourism workers and MSMEs and empower them with the essential digital skills to adjust to new normal and for a more inclusive, robust, and resilient sector.
  11. Reinforce sustainability practices, working in partnership with local communities and accelerating sustainable agendas where possible.
  12. Continue to invest in crisis preparedness and resilience to better equip the sector to respond to future risks or shocks, while working closely with the public sector.

View the plan.

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